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How to Get Started in Public Housing

Below is a step by step guide of the process required in order to get approved for Housing with CMHA.

Prequalifying Questions

ALL applicants must meet the following criteria: All household members over the age of 18 must pass a Criminal Background check; All previous debts owed to Public Housing Authorities must be paid in full, applicant household must meet HUD-established income guidelines. Families living in Public Housing Head of Household must be able to have utilities turned on in their name.

Review Locations

Review program types and locations to determine which developments are suitable for your family, whether it is East Liverpool, Ohio or Wellsville, Ohio. Currently, those are the only 2 cities in Columbiana County for CMHA Public Housing.

Collect Household Information

Full legal names of everyone on the household, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and incomes for each member of your household will be required when completing the housing application.

Complete Online Application

Complete an online application by clicking the “Apply for Public Housing” link at the top of the website main page. Applications can be completed from any smart phone, laptop, tablet, computer device at a local library, community agency, etc. If a paper application is requested, please stop by CMHA main offices at 325 Moore Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920 or contact CMHA application office by calling 330-386-5970.

Waiting List

There are waiting lists for Public Housing based on bedroom size. Bedroom size is determined by the household members. Once an applicant's name is moved to the top of the waitlist, they will be contacted to complete a background check. Applicants are added to the waiting list based upon the date and time they complete their application and submit it to CMHA.

Collect Application Documentation

CMHA staff will be requesting copies of the following documentation: Birth Certificates and Social Security cards for all household members; proof of income for all members of the household; Driver's Licenses for those over the age of 18.

Eligibility Determination Interview

CMHA staff will contact applicants to review income guidelines for public housing eligibility, the CMHA lease, security deposit, pet policy and pet security deposit information along with a pubic housing vacant unit tour.

Move In Day

Each Public Housing property has maintenance staff and a Property Manager to walk new CMHA tenants through the move in process. Emergency maintenance staff are available 24/7.

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