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Public Housing Tenant Resources

At CMHA, our mission is to provide housing that is safe, affordable, sanitary, and drug-free. To make sure that we achieve this, we offer numerous services and resources to our tenants, so that they have the ability to live independently, and their living spaces are always clean and safe. To ensure our residents’ success, there are several key services they will find at their disposal.

Community Partners

Our community partners are a valuable asset to CMHA, our residents, and the landlords we work with. We work with many community organizations in Columbiana County to provide training, employment, service, and employment opportunities. 

Resident Employment

In addition to the employment opportunities offered by our community partners, CMHA offers employment opportunities within our own organization for residents. We also assist residents in finding other employment opportunities in the area.  Residents can additionally complete community service hours on site at their local CMHA property.

Elderly and Disabled Assistance

We work with our elderly and disabled residents to guarantee that they have the necessary services and opportunities. We offer recreational opportunities, as well as on-site assistance through community partnerships for those who qualify, helping residents maintain independence.

On-Call Assistance

Our maintenance and property management team is always available 24/7 to assist residents with issues that may arise in their homes.

Public Housing Tenant Policies & Forms